Ellington Grove

In the nostalgic village of Candelo, after its Italian namesake, a cottage awaits. Circa 1870, Ellington Grove has seen the years pass, memories bound as shadows across her walls and so we would like to return her to you in her revived form; the golden age of jazz and sweet cigars, a tribute to Candelo's much loved music and arts scene.


Beneath the speckled shadows of twisted willow trees, their crooked limbs forever reaching, lies Ellington Grove. Nestled amongst the towering eucalyptus trees she sits, as though brick by brick, she grew from the ground itself much like the surrounding nature. Three white chimneys sit against the sky, protruding from her timber exterior that encases a luxurious retreat reminiscent of the dreamy swing and frivolity of the 20’s and 30’s.  

Beyond the rustic iron gates, the wind breathes through the trickling gully between the hills, slipping through the valleys waving grass over an endless sea of green and brown, until the brown becomes muddled with blue on a painters palette. The breeze furls around the humming orchard where in spring, rebellious buds will give way to persimmon and stone fruit lying in wait to be plucked. You’ll look out upon them from the terrace, glass in hand you’ll wonder, where is home again?

When the crickets sound the end of the steady beat of day, amber haze finally falling below the hills, the drifting smell of a fireplace might call you in. The roaring fireplaces warm each historic room, sinking into lush victorian armchairs and deep velvet lounges. Spoil yourself with luxurious pure french linen covering divine mattresses set upon deep hardwood floors. Intricate baroque metal pressed walls glow against the fire, shadows crackling in sync to the tittering rhythms of Duke Ellington himself throwing you back into the jazz age. So sip your tea (or your gin martini) and dream of days gone by; of twinkling dresses and dashing bow ties.




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